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About The Meadow Creek Vaulting Club

Olds, Alberta, Canada

In 2001 the van der Sluijs family moved from the Netherlands to East of Olds. With many years of experience as members of a vaulting club in the Netherlands, they started the Meadow Creek Vaulting Club to be able to continue vaulting in Canada. The club offers competitive and recreational vaulting classes, ranging from beginner to international level. Anyone 6 years and up can join, including adults. Classes are held at Creekside Equestrian Centre, East of Olds, and run all year round.

Contact Jeanine van der Sluijs form more information on our classes or to make arrangements to see a training session.

What is Equestrian Vaulting?

Often equestrian vaulting is confused with other sports. Here is a brief explanation of the sport and how it started

Vaulting can simply be explained as gymnastics and dance performed on and in harmony with a moving horse. The word vaulting originally came from the French word ?voltige? which means to jump over (the horse).

Vaulting originated in the roman era when soldiers performed vaulting type movements in full battle armor. After the horse disappeared from the battle field these movements were refined, and are now referred to as the compulsory moves performed in competitions.

Equestrian vaulting has become a very popular sport in Europe over the last couple of decades and is rapidly growing in North America and the rest of the world. Vaulting is still fairly new to Alberta and Canada, but the sport has seen tremendous growth over the last several years.

Vaulting teaches children, and adults, to move in harmony with a horse, balance, flexibility, strength and team work skills. Vaulting also teaches children the basics of working with and taking care of horses, therefore making it a great activity for children that would like to get involved with horses, but have no prior experience.

2014 Summer Vaulting Camp

Join us for our 2014 Summer Vaulting Camp on July 16/17/18, 2014!

Download the Information/Registration Package here.

We hope to see you at camp!