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Return to Neverland

Welcome to our Team page! Here you can read about our Freestyle Story, the vaulters and our recent events, competitions and team updates! 

The Freestyle Story

The Story line of our Freestyle is based on the movie: Peter Pan in the Return to Neverland.

Throughout the performance we work to imitate several scenes from the movie.  

The first scene is performed by Peter Pan and Wendy. This is where Wendy wakes up with Peter Pan looking down upon her, soon after, John comes in the picture and Wendy learns to fly! After they fly to Neverland, Tinkerbell gets jealous of Wendy and ‘runs’ away. This is where Captain Hook steals Tinkerbell to figure out what Peter Pan is up to, shortly after Captain Hook decides in order to get at Peter Pan he has to kidnap Wendy - which works! Soon enough Peter Pan, along with the Lost Boys, try to save Wendy and battle with Captain Hook, where of course Captain Hook
gets defeated and Peter Pan is victorious!!

Meet the Vaulters

The vaulters that are part of our team are:

Angelique van der Sluijs - Captain Hook. Angelique is 23 years old and has been vaulting for 15 years. She has been very successful as an individual vaulter as well, recently winning the Canadian National Title in Division A Canter. Angelique's striking tall frame at 6'2" makes her stand out and she fits well into the role of Captain Hook!

Jeanine van der Sluijs - Lost Boy. Jeanine is 25 years old and has been vaulting for 19 years. She has had individual success at both National and International level. She placed as top Canadian at the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games in 18th place in October of 2010. Jeanine is playing the role of a Lost Boy in the Freestyle.

Brooke Boyd - Peter Pan. Brooke is 16 years old and has been vaulting for 2 years. Brooke came to vaulting with an extensive background in competitive vaulting and has taken really quickly to vaulting! Brooke recently won the 2011 Alberta Zone 2 Champion. With her athletic ability, Brooke is able to take part in the freestyle as both a base and flyer which makes her a great Peter Pan!

Dallyn Shields - Tinkerbell. Dallyn is 10 years old and has been vaulting for over 2 years now. She also started as an individual vaulter, learning her skills quickly and now shows to be a great flyer in the team. Dallyn plays one of the most important roles in the freestyle - Tinkerbell. This sassy character really highlights Dallyn's talent as a flyer!

Emily Stevenson - Emily is our newest member to the team! Emily is 9 years old and has been vaulting for 3 years. Emily started out as an individual vaulter, working her way through the walk/trot levels. Emily will be a flyer in the team, and she is working hard to be a great team member!

Meet the Horses and Support Crew

Currently the Team practices on Indigo! Indigo, or better known as Inde, has been with the club since September of 2011. He is 8 year old Percheron/Paint Cross gelding that stands 17.3HH. Inde has shown us to be an incredibly quick learner and he is doing extremely well with the team!

Our back up team horse is Black Magic Hope's Karl. Karl is a 8 year old 18HH Percheron gelding. He has worked with the team from the beginning, starting as a team horse in the winter of 2010/2011. He enjoys working with our enthusiastic vaulters and is being lunged by Joey Shields.