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At the moment the club has 6 trained vaulting horses! Each of the horses work with a different level group of vaulters - read about each one of our horse below! All of our horses used for our classes and competitions have been trained by Angelique van der Sluijs.

has been part of the club since 2004. Kavalia is an Oldenburg/Trakehner cross; he is 16 years old and 16.2 HH.  Kavalia has been taking part in competitions since 2005 and continues to prove his reliability as a true equine partner for the vaulters at each event! He regularly switches between groups, depending on where his experience is needed. After a colic surgery in the fall of 2011, he took a break from vaulting for one year. He is now back in action and working with some of our advanced canter vaulters.



Drift Away joined the club in 2008. He started out with lots of riding to build his skills and strength before becoming a vaulting horse! His first competition was in 2010, but had previously showed in several Green Horse Classes. Drifter is a Canadian Sport Horse gelding, he is 11 years old and stands 17.3 HH. Drifter is exclusively working with Jeanine van der Sluijs at this moment.



Black Magic Hope's Karl has been among the vaulting horses since 2007, but has only started vaulting in 2010. He worked with a group of Adult Vaulters in the winter and spring of 2010, and started vaulting with the team in the fall. Karl is currently working with our most advanced canter vaulters and occasionally gets to work with Pairs and Team! Karl is a 9 year old Percheron gelding, and stands 18 HH.




Jake joined MCVC in May of 2011. Jake is 10 years old and stands 15.3 HH. Jake had been slowly introduced to our walk and trot vaulters since he joined us and it now fully taking on our Recreational Vaulting Program. Jake is very gently around the young vaulters and has an exceptional character that fits our vaulting program perfectly! Jake took part in his first competition in August of 2011 and we look forward to many more years of vaulting with Jake!

also joined MCVC in May of 2011. Phlynn is a Thoroughbred/Percheron Cross, he is 8 years old and stands 16.3 HH. Phlynn started learning about vaulting with our advanced vaulters and is now carrying vaulters at levels ranging from advanced walk, trot and most levels in canter. Phlynn has been to numerous competitions by now, and keeps on improving every time. He is also quite the performer and loves coming with us to big performances. He loves being around people and thoroughly enjoys the love and attention he gets from his vaulters every chance he gets!


- We are very sad to announce that we lost Indigo in the spring of 2013. He will be greatly missed by all our vaulters, coaches and lungers.
ur newest addition to the club is Indigo (also known as Inde). In
de is an 8 year old Percheron/Paint cross, he stands 17.3 HH. Inde is taking very nicely to vaulting, with only a year of vaulting under his belt - he is showing to be an excellent addition to the vaulting horses at the club. He is a very social horse and is loving all the attention he has been getting from the vaulters! At this point Inde is our main horse for our Team Program and has already been to 4 competitions, as well as a number of performances at rodeos - proving to be a very solid and reliable horse in any situation.