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2022 Summer Camps at MCVC available now!

See the quick link for each of our summer programs to the left. Or read more about each program below. If you have additional questions you can contact Jeanine at 403-559-9937 or email 

Summer Vaulting Camp - 3 Half Days - $280 (includes snacks/refreshments)

This camp is open to NEW Vaulters, or those with experience in walk & trot vaulting. No previous experience is required in riding, gymnastics or vaulting. We will be having a great time learning all about vaulting, basic horsemanship, gymnastics and of course some fun and games as well! Ages 5 and up welcome. No upper age limit!

Advanced Canter Camp - 4 Half Days - $375 (includes snacks/refreshments)

This camp is open to experienced canter vaulters. We will focus on further developing proper technique in compulsories, skill development, and those competing in Provincials and/or Nationals will spend time preparing for those events. Optional fun activities will be organized in the afternoons for anyone wishing to take part.