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Recreational Vaulting Program

Vaulting is a great way to develop a strong foundation for other sports, including all Equestrian Disciplines. Vaulting helps build strength and flexibility, it improves balance, quickens motor skills and develops a great mind body awareness. Besides personal development, we also build trust and connections with the horses, with our team mates and create life-long friendships!

Our Recreational Program is a great way to start out! New vaulters learn the basics of vaulting, and progress at their own pace. While returning vaulters further build their skills, learn advanced techniques and vault at all gaits. 

All our programs put a great focus on safety and we build up from there!

Vaulters may choose to stay in the Recreational Program for as long as they want, or they can choose to progress into one of our Competitive Programs. 

Download the Recreational Fall Vaulting Session Information Package

 and the Registration Forms here:

Recreational Information Package

Recreational Registration Forms

Download the Adult Class Information and Registration Forms here: 

Adult Information Package

Adult Registration Forms